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Ensuring your enterprise has a strong brand image via your marketing is vital to the success of your business. At Rocket Network, we provide a unique graphic design service that will set your business apart from your competitors and help to define your brand.

Buzz Your Business With Us

A professional business needs a professional image

There are many reasons why it’s worth considering a professional graphic design service when furthering the interests of your business. It all starts with your business’ branding – consistency is important and the branding must reflect your company’s identity from the logo through to the design of your site, marketing materials and more. Our graphic designers work closely with our clients ensuring that all materials produced meet with their exacting specifications.

Why choose us ?

Accept So, Without Having To Be complicated

Tell us you want your design, our team that will help conceptualize the design according to your wishes.

Professional Design Team

Your design will be made by our team who are professionals in the field of graphic design. So you don't need to send a very expensive designer team.

Get Soft Design Files

This file is to make it easier for you if you want to print or want to edit the design later.

File Ready to Print

The design file that we made has been adjusted to the size of the type of design that you ordered, making it easier for you when you want to print the design.


Graphic Design Services as much as you can Subscribe


Instagram Feed/Story
IDR. 2.000.000 Start From
  • 12 Design Feeds
  • 17 Design Stories
  • Revised Until Finished
  • Carousel Design
  • Package /Month


Subscription Design
IDR. 3.500.000 Start From
  • 1 design /Request
  • 30 Design Concept
  • Revised Until Finished
  • Modern Design
  • Package /Month


PRO Subscription Design
IDR. 5.499.000 Start From
  • 3 design /Request
  • 60 Design Concept
  • Revised Until Finished
  • Modern Design
  • Package /Month

Single Request Design

Start form 750.000

Start form 750.000

Start form 500.000

Start form 150.000

Start form 2.000.000

Single Choice Promo

Just IDR 300.000

Logo Design

Just IDR 150.000/Design

Instagram Feed / Story

Just IDR 350.000/Design

Motion Instagram Feed / Story

How to Process ?

1. Requirement

Consult with our team,
about your project needs.

2. Design

We make the appropriate design for your project.

3. Development

Design done, proceed to Development - Testing.

4. Launching

If Testing is done, then the project is declared complete and Launching.

5. Maintenance

Get our full support after the Project is declared complete.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we make it easy for you to design all the planning that you prepare in the design that you need

We prepare content design for your business Instagram, as well as design package packages with up to 60 design concepts per month.
Please choose which package is appropriate 

  • Social Media
  • Discovery 
  • Fortuner

It’s easy, so each package you choose will determine how your request will be done.

For example, if your package is 1 request at a time, you can request again after 1 request is complete and so on. Our delivery time is 1-2 days.

Likewise for those who request 3 times at a time. You can request at once each time we do it, and finish within 1-2 days.

Yes, whatever your needs, please discuss with us, it’s free

First, the client briefs what is needed. From there, we will offer a price quote. And if the client agrees, can issue SPK, and pay a number of DP. The design process was immediately started. Initial presentations are usually shown in the first week. Generally there are 2-3 proposed design concepts. The revision and presentation process will continue until the design is approved. The approved design will be made a Final Artwork (FA) file that is ready for production reference.

Revisions are not limited. We are fully oriented to client satisfaction. It’s useless to limit revisions if the results still don’t meet the client’s wishes.

After the FA was accepted, we still allow 2 weeks for minor revisions. If there are many changes / to change the concept, there will be a revision fee. After 2 weeks, any changes will be subject to revision fees.

We can attend to Jakarta and its surroundings (since we have offices in Jakarta). For outside Jakarta, we will consider as long as possible, and transport / accommodation is provided by the client.

We need serious commitment from clients, and that is realized through Down Payment. Past experience has shown that order cancellations can occur unilaterally without any cancellation fees, or the results of our work are only as a complement to the beauty contest. We anticipate things like this. Please understand.

For design, the final result is a Final Artwork file that is ready for production. File types can be PDF, AI, SVG, JPG, PNG or PSD, depending on the type of work. Final files can be sent via email (GoogleDrive / DropBox).

For websites, the end result is that the website is online and fully functional.

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