Bring your business message through interactive animations

We empower brands and businesses through well crafted 2D animation. Motion graphics is our ‘A’ Game and we believe that every pixel matters.

Buzz Your Business With Us

Create and amplify your message

We always start by learning deeply about your brand and business to help you articulate what matters most.

We offer a variety of creative services. However, we are a company that continues to grow, always adapting to the latest technology available there.

Our Services

Bridging creativity, technology and technical know-how with years of creative industry experience.
Here are some of our main services to name a few.


We help define your brand through our fresh and relevant concepts to enhance your story.

Motion Graphics

We take your business seriously by studying it before interpreting it in a moving visual form.

Interactive Content

We have been involved in many interactive installation projects to bring our visuals to the level of experience.

Why choose us ?

Custom Design

Get more satisfying results with custom designs in after effects, not from static software animation template providers

HD Resolution

The final result will be rendered maximally with high definition video resolution (1080p) video output.


We will adjust the video creation according to the timeline that you need. So, you can get the videos you need on time.

Unlimitied Revision

We guarantee customer satisfaction for all our clients to produce the best work




Rp. 2.500.000
  • Free Script
  • Background Music
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Effect
  • Resolution HD 1080p
  • Duration 30 Second
  • Minor Revision 3X
  • Processing Time 2 Weeks


Rp. 4.500.000
  • Free Script
  • Background Music
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Effect
  • Resolution HD 1080p
  • Duration 60 Second
  • Minor Revision 3X
  • Processing Time 3 Weeks


Custom Price
  • Free Script
  • Background Music
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Effect
  • Resolution HD 1080p
  • Duration 60 ++
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Processing Time Custom

Motion Graphic


Instagram/Social Media
Rp. 100.000
  • 1 Concept
  • Attractive Design
  • Looping Motion
  • Revision 3X
  • Processing Time 2 Days


Animation 2D
Rp. 500.000
  • Sound Effect
  • Resolution HD 1080p
  • Duration 10 Second
  • Revision 3X
  • Processing Time 3 Days


Display Product
Rp. 1.000.000
  • Up to 15 Product
  • Sound Effect
  • Up to 45 Second
  • 3X Revision
  • Processing Time 1 Weeks

How to Process ?

1. Requirement

Consult with our team,
about your project needs.

2. Storyboard

Script Writting script / animation flow.

3. Voice recording.

Storyboard done, proceed to Development - Preview.

4. Preview

After the project is finished, we provide a preview if there are revisions.

5. Launching

Rendering & receiving results with satisfaction.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our studio contains a team of professionals & experienced in their fields who can create various styles / types of 2D animation videos, from motion graphics or white boards.

You do not need to worry about the results that will be obtained, at a very affordable price you have got an international video standard, because we use a success formula that has been proven to be satisfactory.

Video animation explainer (motion graphic) can increase page conversions and explain better about your product / business.

Through video, the message conveyed will be more communicative and interesting.
Compared through static visual media (graphics).

Through video, promotional material can be explained in an interesting and more detailed manner so that it is easily understood by the audience (customers).

Our video processing process is normally in accordance with the pricing list (as long as you work together to provide time feedback).

But if you need faster processing time, don’t worry we can help through a custom service that will adjust to your needs.

You will get the final HD 1920×1080 Resolution video. Of course, through various processes that we call Success Formula. Starting from script writing, voice over, making graphics, animation, sound effects, and background music.

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